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Saturday, October 31, 2009


So here's the thing, I really have some trust issues with people.... I have been screwed over by so many "friends" that I don't even feel like getting into it right now. But I HATE when I have a friend that I finally think I can trust and then they screw me over! I was supposed to go to the movies with someone on Sunday and I was really looking forward to it, and of course she spends all of her money hanging out with friends the night before and behaving really recklessly. So of course after having such a "Fun" night with her "Crew" something mysterious happens with her father and all of a sudden she can't make it... yeah right. Do you have any idea how many times that has happened to me? And when was she planning on telling me this? the only reason she brought it up was because I did! She always does that!! I feel like I'm losing her... I'm really tired of having friends that don't care about me... and what she did that disappointed me in the first place is a whooole other blog... I just needed to get this out...